Water was served and it was delicious. And fun. And we did good things.

I’m so thankful to my co-captain and husband for helping run this aid station with me. From picking up the U-Haul the night before, to hosting all the teenagers who were volunteering with us, to doing the heavy lifting unloading and re-loading and well, just being there.

We had a great group of volunteers to work this station. So great that I had to send a few extra volunteers to an aid station nearby who had LAME volunteers who didn’t show up! (That’s another blog in itself about committing and showing up and how it impacts the project.)

Not only did we make quite a few runners SMILE at the halfway point during their race (having been a participant for many of these, I can tell you it really helps!), we efficiently provided hydration and thoroughly cleaned up at the end.

Importantly, our event also helped raise funds for the Run3rd Alliance whose mission states: We strive to empower youth through running programs that champion students to discover their grit, build meaningful relationships & inspire healthy communities.

Simply, they make running programs available to kids who might not otherwise have that opportunity. And through running and the support of coaches and friends, they learn they are capable of so many things! Donations help pay race entries and buy supplies for the programs which are currently reaching 700 students in 14 schools! https://www.facebook.com/RUN3rdAlliance/