Stay Groovy Be Kind, 51 Acts of Kindness

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Last year I turned 50 and had a HUGE fun 1970's party planned ..... but you know.

So then I was going to have a make-up party but ..... you know.

Really, I wanted to have fun with friends AND share some love with the world!

So now I have all these cool stickers I made for my party and a good idea and I'm close to turning 51 and so I'm turning it into a birthday month of being good to one another!

How will it work? Well, without the social closeness and costumes, it's simple: Just do something awesome and unexpected for someone in the next few weeks and tag me @aimswa and @charitychicksaz on Instagram and Twitter. Or join my online event on Facebook: Or ALL of those!!

When I see it, I'll be in touch about getting you your very own GROOVY sticker!

I'd love to see 51 different acts of kindness in the next few weeks and THAT will be a celebration. (And then let's keep it going!!)

#StayGroovyBeKind #51actsofkindness

Stay Groovy Be Kind