It’s a Rock and Roll Pajama Party!

On January 28, 2020 we again hosted our favorite water station for the Arizona Rock N Roll marathon – Mile 7 on the half marathon course. This year we had a pajama party and rocked the sleep masks all while delivering refreshing hydration to athletes. 

Monies raised went to the Run3rd Alliance. The RUN3rd Alliance strives to empower youth through after-school running programs that champion students to discover their grit, build meaningful relationships, and inspire healthy communities. Money we raised will pay for race registrations and run program supplies and show kids that they are capable of ANYTHING when they put their mind to it and dig in and work hard. There is nothing like the feeling of crossing your first finish line.

If you want to participate in this group, it’s not too late to sign up for the Run3rd 5K March 28! A fun day and you’re helping raise additional funds!